Former Warriors Champion Center will leave Portland

The Blazers were swept by the Warriors and ended the season. Last summer, they had heavily introduced Agnes, Turner and other players, but in the end did not play a particularly good effect. Recently, the news that next season, Ezel will not appear in the team’s lineup.

Last summer, the pioneers were very active in the free market, they have signed Evans – Turner, Ezel and other players, but this season, the Blazers record is not ideal, during the regular season, they ranked west Eight, the playoffs, they were swept by the Warriors. But this season, the Blazers total salary reached 112.9 million US dollars, in all the playoffs in the western team, ranked second.

Obviously, last summer, the team’s operations were not successful this summer, they needed to make adjustments to the lineup. Today, the general manager of the Portland Oregon statement, next season, Aize Li will not appear in the team’s lineup.

2012 draft pick, Eiselle in the first round of the 30th overall by the Warriors selected, the first three seasons of his career, he is in the Warriors effect. 2014-15 season, Eiselle won the NBA championship with the Warriors, and last season, he can contribute 7 points and 5.6 rebounds and 1.1 blocks.

Last summer, the Warriors had intended to leave Ezeli, and had a quote for him, making him a restricted free agent. But then, when the Warriors had the opportunity to sign Durant, they withdrew the offer contract for Ezel, let it be a full free agent, in order to clean up enough salary space. Eventually, Ezel and the Trail Blazers signed a two-year contract worth $ 15 million.

But since joining the pioneer, Ezel has been trapped in the left knee injury, the whole season did not represent the pioneers played a game. This year’s trade deadline, the Blazers have been seeking transactions, hoping to send Ezel, for which they are even willing to catch the pick. However, the final transaction was not reached. Next season, Eiselle’s salary of $ 7.73 million, but only $ 1 million is affordable.

Trail Blazers do not need Ezeli, the second half of the season, the Trail Blazers through the transaction has been Nuerjiqiqi, since he joined, the Blazers made a total of 18 wins and 8 losses record, ranked fourth in the league. If not he was injured, the playoffs, the Blazers may not be swept by the Warriors.

Nike 3D print shoes exposure

On Monday, the 121st Marathon was successfully held and attracted hundreds of people to compete. A few weeks ago we released a “one year Boston Marathon limited running shoes face view” article, this week led us to see at the Boston Marathon exhibition on those worthy of the collection of peripheral products.

Where the Boston Marathon just finished race, here as an important sponsor of the tournament Black Nike Air Max stabbed the big Louzi. In Tuesday’s user mail, the brand to “Congrats, you survived the Boston Marathon!” As the title to its customers to congratulate the message and promote its peripheral products. However, the word “survived” is a very sensitive term, meaning “surviving”, which will undoubtedly make people think of the 2013 “Boston bombing”, “the victims and their families is a” wound salt ” the behavior of.

Then, to recognize the problem of Adidas immediately made a letter of apology, said, “really too embarrassed, and in the message above the title, we do not want any other ideas, in addition to congratulations to everyone. We for their own mistakes to everyone Said the most sincere apology.

Brand public relations response is timely, but still have an impact on its brand image.

Air Max Thea in recent years, the momentum is fierce, with its boost technology and yeezy branch all the way to rise.

Last week we learned that Adidas has entered the 4D era, but most likely to take the lead in the commercial sale of its 3D running shoes. This is not, there is a pair of gray version of Adidas Futurecraft 3D print shoes exposure. Can be seen from the picture, the shoe retains a similar Ultra Boost design, with three-dimensional mesh structure Primeknit, 3D print soles are very eye-catching.

This time again exposed 3D shoes, will undoubtedly bring up more fans love fans desire to buy. This time again exposed 3D shoes, will undoubtedly bring up more fans love fans desire to buy.