Griffin may leave the Clippers, such as less than 5 years of salary to leave

According to the Los Angeles Times, Blake – Griffin in a situation may leave the Clippers, that is, if the Clippers do not give him a five-year salary, he will be able to leave. From the current situation, Griffin renewed Clippers do not meet the designated veteran exception, but if he stay in the Clippers, can still get the highest salary.

Griffin is 208 cm tall, 28 years old, is the Clippers 2009 draft pick, 2009-10 season because of knee injury season reimbursement, 2010-11 season began NBA career, won the rookie of the year. July 12, 2012, Griffin and the Clippers signed a five-year 95 million US contract, he holds 2017-18 season players option, you can jump out in the summer of 2017, a completely free agent.

Because the NBA salary cap rose from the 2016-17 season, the player’s salary has gone up, Griffin 2017-18 season will inevitably jump out of the contract. On the current situation, the Clippers tend to renew Griffin, but the two sides in the contract amount and age there is a lot of room for negotiation. Griffin is inclined to sign a five-year long, and if the request is not met, he may leave to leave.

Griffin because of injury and off-site negative news, the two seasons in the league’s position plummeted, he 2015-16 season was not selected NBA best team, 2016-17 season, the probability of being selected is also very low. Because he missed the NBA for the second consecutive season, the best team, so that he does not meet the conditions of the NBA designated veteran conditions, can not get a 5-year $ 217 million or so super salary.

Griffin if the deadline to renew the Clippers, because the existence of the Byrd terms, you can still get the league’s highest salary. If Griffin and the Clippers renew, he can sign a five-year salary contract, the annual salary increase can reach 7.5%, and he signed other teams, can only sign a four-year contract, the annual salary increase of 4.5% The Therefore, the renewal of the Clippers for Griffin is still very attractive.

If the Clippers do not want to open a 5-year salary, then Griffin may leave. Griffin during the Clippers, proved his dunk ability, but also proved his own investment and organizational skills, but his defense is very general, and even can be said to be bad, the attack did not reach the ruling level. Because of this reason, his position in the Clippers is actually very embarrassing, has been heart to retreat.

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In recent seasons, rounds of tide intensified, more and more teams began to take turns in some of the main line. The last game of the regular season, the league at the bottom of the record network also engage in a holiday, they did not let Lin Shuhao, Brook – Lopez two main play, former Union president David – Stern in an interview with “USA Today” , The Nets this behavior can not be forgiven, too shameful.

“I do not know what the Nets think is in mind,” Stern said, “I really do not know, the Nets have really no desire in the record, their record is the league’s worst, but they still Have the opportunity to play in the last game with respect to the Bulls, but they actually turn off their starting players? Really? In my opinion this is unforgivable, I do not think Chairman (Xiao Hua) the right It ‘s so blazed that he should even take action, and the Nets are so disgraceful that they break the agreement between us and the fans.

This season, the Nets only get 20 wins and 62 losses, winning the league bottom. Because this year the Celtics have the right to exchange with the Nets the first round of the sign, which means that even if the Nets to get the top pick, this high value of the draft will fall into the hands of the Celtics, so the Nets in the routine There is no record pressure in the ending stage.

“Commander Kenny – Atkinson is hoping to join the army, as if to say, ‘I want to show you some, I have to take off my players.’ I remember that night I heard Tom – Hein Thorne In the game review process, said, ‘What is it? Is the Nets cut off the players to make them have the strength (after the end of the season) to empty the locker room?’ “Stern continued.

That game, the Nets eventually to 73-112 defeat in the Bulls, the Bulls finally locked the playoff seat, to the eighth eighth into the playoffs, the Heat in the playoffs outside the door.

Before the last game, Atkinson explained why the team to take off, he said the team is only from a long-term perspective, they want to let the main players in the offseason to maintain a healthy, do not want a few main injuries in the final battle. In addition, they want to give young players a chance to study the young players at the same time let them accumulate experience for the future in the league to get a place and work.